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There Has Never Been A Time In History
Where You Can Build Your Own Successful Brand On Amazon.
I was shocked when I found the opportunity to build my own Amazon business to replace my salary and be able to make more money than I ever have. As I began helping others, I quickly realized many people just wanted the same things and constantly told me things like:
1) I need to escape my 9-5 J.O.B. - which stand for Jost. Over. Broke. This daily grind without the ability to control my time or my income is something that frustrates me constantly.
2) I’m just about to invest in tens of thousands of dollars to get my formal education to hopefully land my dream job after I graduate, but it just doesn’t make sense to take on that much debt.
3) I want to build my job around my family, not let my job dictate what type of success I want to have. I want freedom to spend more time with my family, travel and make memories!
4) I’ve tried selling on Amazon before but can’t seem to find enough time to get the inventory I need to scale my business.
5) I love my day job but would love a way to make some extra money on the side.
To be honest, I fully relate to many of these statements above and I’m sure you can too. I was spending over 2,400 hours every year working for a company that paid me well, but took away all the freedom I desired so badly to have.
Why do I share this? Well, I started selling private label products on Amazon in 2014 and was able to quit my J.O.B., replace my salary and still have cash to build my business in just over 10 months from when I started. My accountant was SHOCKED when I showed him how much we earned in our first year of business. After over 30 years in business, he had NEVER seen revenue and profits from a business grow that much in it's first year....pretty amazing if you ask me!
Here’s the cool part though…not only can I benefit from selling private label products, you can too! I’m no different from you - just a normal guy with enough passion to change my future for what matters most. This business works for everyone who is willing to put in the time to learn from those who have gone before them to build 6 & even 7-figure businesses. Or, make that extra side income...whatever your goal is, it can be achieved.
Why Is Private Labeling The Best Opportunity Right Now?
Online Sales Are Exploding & Amazon Owns Most Of Those Sales
Take a look at how quickly the online sales and Amazon are dominating without an end in sight. This stats will have your head spinning and just remember, you can have a piece of this pie by selling your own private label products on Amazon  just like me.
As you can see above, online sales (e-commece) is growing exponentially and slowly taking over retail with over $450 billion dollars in sales in 2017. But the amazing part is how much Amazon is claiming of those sales - over 70.2% of all online and retails sales growth. AND…Amazon has a program for Prime Members where they now have over 80 million active and ready customers to purchase products on their site.

If those numbers don’t shock you, I’m not sure what will. But what does all this mean?

Amazon is here to stay for a VERY LONG TIME!

So I’m sure you are asking by now…so how do I get started in selling my own private label products on their site?
Well, we have built our own brands to sell on Amazon and I’d love to share with you my story!
We first started selling products online in 2014, by buying clearance items from local retail stores and reselling them on Amazon for a profit. At this time, I was still working a 50+ hour week at my corporate job, so I quickly realized that I didn’t have the time to search for products in stores to build this business.

We then moved to securing wholesale relationships with vendors on eBay and other sites. We would buy their products at wholesale pricing and resell them on Amazon for a profit. We had some good success with this approach, but had trouble keeping stock of our popular items from our vendors, which ultimately meant lost profit and major inventory issues.

I knew there had to be a better way and that is when we uncovered the power of selling private label products on Amazon. This approach not only allowed us to control our inventory better, but we had insane profits compared to what we made trying to build a business the other way

So, what is private labeling to begin with? Well, it’s really pretty simple.

Private labeling is getting your OWN products manufactured overseas, having them shipped to your home country and selling them on Amazon and other online shops. I had always seen the big brands like Walmart, Under Armor, Apple and so many others having their products manufactured over seas…but what I didn’t realize is that I could do the exact same thing.

The best part though…is that not only can I make money now on my products, I can build a brand of products and sell it in the future for a big payday - maybe even retire early.
So…Where Did I Start?
  • How to find profitable products to sell…
  • How to find suppliers overseas that could make my product…
  • How to ship my products from one country to another…
  • How to create my logo, packaging, Amazon listing and photos to look professional…
  • How to compete with the big brands to really see sales happen…
  • How to use Amazon’s advertising system with out wasting money…
These questions made me really question how easy it really was to begin my private label business and I’m sure you can relate.
So in January of 2015…
I jumped right in and I launched my first private label product using Amazon’s shipping and fulfillment program called FBA and started seeing my product generate crazy amounts of sales - I was truly blown away.

I was fully convinced that this was the BEST way to sell on Amazon because I could do all the work up front on my product and then just reorder when my inventory got low. No more searching for deals in the store, mindless searching online for products or depending on vendors to meet my needs.

I could now design, manufacture and control my product fully by going direct to a supplier to produce it for me. So, we quickly launched our next products and had success so quickly that we began telling our friends and family about it.

They started doing private label and had the same results that we did as they launched private label products to sell on Amazon.

Don’t get are wrong…we made our share of mistakes along the way - some that were costly. But I can tell you this, we have NEVER lost money on any product we have launched to date, which most business cannot say. Do we still make mistakes…of course…but they are few and far between since we have mastered this business.

Do you want to avoid making the same costly mistakes?
I sure wish I would have had someone who had gone before me to help guide my journey as I was just getting started. I now have that roadmap to share with you so you can feel confident in starting your very own private label business.
After selling millions of dollars worth of products online, building multiple successful brands and teaching hundreds of others how to do private label the right way, I’m so thankful to have found this business for myself and other to finally take control of their future.

I literally changed the course of my future and I’m positive it can for you too!
So, how do I get started?
If you have read this far, it shows me that you are serious about really trying to change your future for the better. Maybe your goal is some extra side income - or to replace your day job - or to have money for vacations - or to retire early - or to build a massive business to sell one day. No matter what your reason is, I want to personally share with you the EXACT way we build our Amazon private label products so you can have success from day one.

  • I have made costly mistakes
  • I have spent thousands on trainings that were sub-par
  • I have invested thousands into conferences and personal coaching
And I have now combined my years of online selling, millions of dollars in sales and decades of corporate training and development experience into what I feel is the BEST private label training course out there called Build My Label.

I believe that everyone just like you should have the ability to make a difference in their own future, so they can them impact those around them in the future. This has been the most rewarding part of running this business for me - seeing other succeed, many even surpassing me as they build their business.

So, let me share with you exactly what Build My Label includes:
Introducing The Premier Private Label Training In The World...
Session 1: Introduction To Private Labeling
Unlock the powerful opportunity of private labeling.

In this session, you will get a detailed overview of why private labeling is the best model to build a long-term business on. There are many ways to make money online, but private labeling is truly the best long-term play in any business out there today

You will get a BIG vision for what this can do for your income and your future. It may even just completely blow your mind what is possible.

Think about the impact of a brand on our society that is known for their products - Nike, Apple, Dove, Pampers, Ray-Ban, Levis, Lego, Andriod Adidas, Fisher-Price, Band-Aid, Ziploc - just to name a few.

I would bet money that you have purchased many of these brands above or even have many in your home today. And the reality is that you too can begin compete with these big brand by leveraging a marketplace like Amazon.

This session will truly unlock the potential for you - are you ready?
Session 2: Setting Goals As Your Start Your Business
“We aim above the mark, to hit the mark” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Setting proper goals as you begin this private label journey will ultimately allow you to achieve MUCH more than you first thought possible. 

In this session, we will not only uncover how quickly you can scale this type of business, but uncover the profit potential just from a handful of products as you begin. We will help you set goals above what you think is possible to stretch you and push you to make a commitment to building this business.

Remember, with no target in mind - you will miss every single time. It's time for you to get laser focused on changing your future.
Session 3: The Perfect Framework For Private Label Products
So…how do you know what products to begin choosing to private label?

To be honest, this is where most people get it completely wrong when they are looking for what products to sell.

And it’s simply because they do not have the right frame work in place as they begin their search. Think about a house with an unstable foundation; no matter how well it is finished, without a strong and stable foundation, it will become rubble. That’s why this session’s video is so important to your future success.

In this session, you will be hand fed the perfect framework for private label products to make your search much easier by weeding out the losers and only keeping the winners.

It’s time to get started…it’s up to you to pull the trigger!
Session 4: Finding Profitable Products To Private Label
We believe selecting the right product is 90% of your success selling on Amazon.

Yet, we know it is one of the most difficult parts of private labeling.

That’s unless, you have our proven methods on how to find profitable products every single time. In this session, we give you not just one way to find potential products, but a handful of ways to uncover your next winner.

We encourage you to not focus on always hitting a home run, but get lots of base hits as that is what will win long-term. Every once an a while, you will get just the right opportunity to hit one out of the park - but it should not be your ultimate goal or you will become stuck in this phase.

Are you ready to begin finding your product to start selling on Amazon?
Session 5: Evaluating Your Product Leads To Ensure Success
Just because someone else is selling a product, it doesn’t mean you should.

Finding product ideas is an important part of this business, but without a proper evaluation of that product - you could be setting yourself up for failure.

But we are here to help.

In this session, we walk you through our evaluation checklist to validate if your product idea is the right one to bring to the market. We get it…the whole reason you want to start this business is to make money. So, we want to make 100% sure that the product you choose will help you accomplish that goal.

Let’s get started in digging deep into your next big move to launch your product on Amazon!
Session 6: Finding A Supplier To Manufacture Your Product
Our world is connected now more than ever…making it simple in finding a supplier for your next big product.

Many sellers have legitimate concerns and fears when talking with someone from another country about their products. And we understand it may be something completely new.

But there truly is nothing to fear.

In this session, we will show you how to find reputable, vetted and verified suppliers that can help you produce your product. Many of theses suppliers are located in places like China, Korea, India and more - but because the US economy relies heavily on imported goods, it has come a long way in that last decade. Many of the factories have fantastic reps that speak very good English.

We will give you every tool needed to successfully start building a relationship with suppliers and some amazing resources you can use.

No need to speak another language…we have you covered.
Session 7: Mastering Shipping From Another Country
Shipping your products from another country seems impossible, unless you have the right connections to make it completely hands off.

In this session, I will talk all things shipping - the methods, the cost, the time - I cover it all. In fact, I will give you my personal shipping agent’s contact information that can relieve every single concern you might have. I have used them for years and they have not ONCE let me down.

I will ensure you account for the cost of shipping in your profits.

I will make a game plan based on your product - the best way to ship it.

Seriously, I’ve got this ship covered.
Session 8: Creating A Brand That Dominates Your Competition
Finding products is not enough any more…building a brand is what will set you apart.

In this session, I will help you see how important building a brand is to your long-term success. We will talk branding, logos, packaging - all the ways to develop your brand to wow customers,

5 years ago, you didn’t have to focus on building a brand, just simply launch products and watch it sell. In today’s market, the brand is what will help you dominate your competition and help you easily launch new products in the future.

What brand will you create to make an impact on the world?
Session 9: Key Activities To Complete While Your Product Is Being Made
You would think that after you find a product, get it designed and get it made…the work is done.

But it is just getting started.

You have accomplished so much already, but you need to capitalize on the time you are waiting for your product to be manufactured and shipped to get your product ready for amazing sales.

In this session, we will cover exactly what you need to focus on in getting your product ready to go live on Amazon. This included writing your product description, getting your follow up emails set up - literally every piece you need to have ready to go day one when you product is ready.

This step prepares you for a strong start.

Are you ready to maximize your chances of success?

Session 10: Ensuring Quality Inspections Are Completed Prior To Shipping
Without a high quality product, your sales will not last long.

Quality drives everything.

You can have the best product idea, but if it is not executed properly by your manufacturer, it will fail.

In this session, we help you avoid that failure by talking about how you can conduct quality inspections during production and before shipment to ensure you are getting what you are paying for. Customers expect good quality when they are pulling out their credit card. Think of the last time you bought something only to have it break or become useless quickly,

Let’s not let that be YOUR product.

Are you ready to impress your customers?
Session 11: Launching Your Product On Amazon For Maximum Sale
Your product launch will be the start of something great.

It is an exciting time as you start seeing sales roll in.

But a weak launch strategy could be detrimental to the success of your product as Amazon starts looking for you to generate sales.

In this session, we will show you our exact methods to successfully launch a product on Amazon. It is not secret that the launch is important to get your product selling fast and compete with the big names on page one. Use our proven strategy to help you rank quickly and start getting those sales right away.

It’s time to launch your new product into the stratosphere - let’s go!
Session 12: How To Manage Your Product After Launch
Your product is now launched…now it’s time to keep the sales rolling in.

When you reach this stage - you have laid out a strong plan to have success with your product.

But if we told you the work was done, we would be completely misleading you.

Yes, you have accomplished much, but what’s next - how do you ensure sales keep coming in?

In this session, we will share our best practices to manage your product on Amazon to stay competitive, selling well and fight off any new competitors. The private label business is a long-term business, not a short-term race. Keep your eyes focused on the original goals you put in place. New products are just around the corner, but ensuring you manage them once launched is critical.

What’s required? It’s all included in this session.
Session 13: Conquering Business Set Up & Taxes
How would you like to put even more money in your pocket?

We kept this session last for a good reason.

We didn’t want you to focus on business structures, taxes and all the things we typically see people struggle early on with.

But now the your product is launched, it’s time to spend a little time understanding business types, taxes, sales tax. In this session, we will take what type of business is best, how to prepare for taxes as sales roll in and dealing with sales tax that continues changing over time. 

We keep it simple and easy - but your best resource if find a CPA who can help you understand the big picture.

Don’t let this step overwhelm you, we’re here to help.
Session 14: Closing Comments
It has been quite the journey and not it’s time to rinse and repeat.

You have made such an amazing decision to begin this journey and in this session, we send you off with encouragement to keep growing and adding new products.

The success we see consistency is continually launching new products and streamlining your process to become faster and more efficient.

It naturally happens as you become a pro.

Congrats - it’s time to celebrate!
BONUS VIDEOS: We Are Always Adding

Wow…you have finally completed all the training sessions and should be well on your way toward success on Amazon.

But just because the videos are done, doesn’t mean we are.

We are constantly adding new content and updating this course to keep it completely relevant to what is working now.

You get access to any updates to this course and any bonus videos we add.

We are here with you for the long haul - you can count on us.
What About Additional Support Or Services?
We will never leave you hanging out to dry.

Although we can’t personally hold your hand at each step, each decision, each move - we will be here to help answer you questions.

In fact, we are work on our private label businesses every day to continue to see them grow, test what is working and share with you as we all learn.

Make sure to be included in our BML Facebook group just for course members to get all your questions answered.

And if you are getting stuck at a particular stage…we likely have a solution for you. Make sure to check out all our services on that can help you….
- 1-1 Coaching
- Product Branding
- Photography
 -Listing Creation
- Private Label Leads List
- Done For You Private Label Program
- Mastermind Groups
- And More!

We are a full service private label company dedicated to not only train you, but help you at any stage.
Does This Program Work? The Proof Is In The Pudding…
Craig's Story
Craig's results are not typical for most people, but are an accurate representation of his current business.
Craig's Total Sales Last Year
Craig's Best MONTH This Year!
Nathan's Story
Nathan's results are not typical for most people, but are an accurate representation of his current business.
Nathan's Total Sales Last Year
Nathan's Best MONTH This Year!
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It can be hard to find someone like Brandon in the private label industry who is willing to share his best strategies and tactics to building a successful business. When anyone asks me who I trust most in building a Private label business, I always recommend the Build My Label course. You simply just can’t beat the detailed content and approach to how this course is laid out, plus the support of their team. There is no doubt that this is one of the best businesses to be in and I’m so glad I have these guys on my side!

Zach and Natalie Young
Springfield, MO
We enrolled in Build My Label Private Label Course and loved it. I am a big believer in paying for quality training, and this is indeed outstanding. Brandon is very patient in his teaching, and the best part is he actually does what he is training you to do. He doesn’t speak in grand theory, he speaks real world because he is doing it himself. If you want to learn Private Label, if your wanting to be taught by someone who is patient, will respond to all of your questions, be taught by someone who is actually doing what they are teaching, then you need the Build My Label program.

Garry and Kim Ray
Brownsville, KY

Our experience with your Build My Label course has been excellent! I recommend this course for anyone interested in learning how to successfully sell on Amazon. For us non-techy types that are admittedly middle-aged, this course is an absolute prerequisite. If you want to be successful, follow the steps Brandon clearly lays out for you. Amazon selling is not for the faint of heart but the course takes a lot of the fear factor and guess work out of it for you. After the class, Brandon is always willing to help you in your journey and that is a fantastic bonus that has helped us so much. 

Andy & Michele Westmaas
East Lansing, MI
As a full-time teacher, I don’t quite make enough money to support my family in the way I want and I’m so thankful to have found private labeling. At first, it seemed too overwhelming until I found the Build My Label Program. The videos are easy to watch and helped answer a ton of my questions. And the best part for me is how much the community helps one another. Simply awesome!

Nathaniel C.
Bloomington, IN

This is a great training for anyone wanting to get started in private labeling. One of the biggest takeaways I had from the course personally was how to choose a product. That is hands down the most difficult part of private labeling, but this course reveals tons of ways to find profitable products.

Devon M.
Spokane, WA
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