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Logos, Packaging, Pictures - OH MY!
 Let Us Help You Look Like A National Brand 
by choosing one of our pro level branding packages.
• Logo Design 
(3 logo ideas to choose from)
• Product Packaging Design
• Insert Design
• 7 Professional Photos (WhiteBackground/
Photoshopped Images)
• Amazon Optimized Listing Copy
    • Logo Design (3 logo ideas to choose from)
    • Product Packaging Design 
    • Insert Design
    • 7 Professional Photos (WhiteBackground/
    Photoshopped Images)

    • Logo Design 
    (2 logo ideas to choose from)
    • Product Packaging Design
    • Insert Design

    Top Notch Branding Will Help Your Products Sell
    It is no secret that the look of your product matters.  From the logo creation, to the packaging and pictures - the way you brand your product will literally determine if it will sell or not. Here is a list of the types of branding options available:
    • Logo Design: We will help you create a logo that speaks to your customers about your brand.
    •  Packaging Design: We will help you design amazing packaging that will WOW customers when they receive their purchase. 
    •  Product Photography: We will take pro-level pictures in our studio that will be converting customers into a sale. Let us help you compete with the big boys.
    •  Product Listings: You need to ensure your listing is fully optimized with the RIGHT keywords for customers to easily find you AND compel customers to buy immediately.
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    What Do Our Clients Say?
    Working with Freedom Shark has been amazing. They are so incredibly talented, pay close attention to detail, understand how to market various products, and were so easy to work with! From rush requests to larger products, the Freedom Shark team will get the job done perfectly. Would highly recommend their services.

    Gabe & Sara Strom
    Chicago, IL
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